Secure Communication

Welcome to Samvad

C-DOT has developed an easy to use application in the form of ‘SAMVAD’ an Android and iOS App to provide Secure Call & Chat for sharing of text, image, audio and video files.

Security Features

  • User creation by admin
  • User authentication by Login,password
  • App lock
  • Change password
  • Vapour mode
  • Confidential message, image or doc
  • In-App Viewers to view Attachments
  • End to end encryption
  • User level encryption
  • Verify Other User
  • Authorisation required for downloading attachments
  • Server in Organisation Control
  • At client end messages are stored in separate folder in encrypted format

Organisation Features

  • Search Employee database
  • Indicator that employee is using SAMVAD
  • Employee Hierarchy (Managers/Subordinates)
  • Orginasation Circulars
  • Filtered News

Chat Features

  • Device to User Binding
  • Non-forwardable message, image or doc
  • Search in chat messages
  • Broadcast Message
  • Multicast Message
  • Local & Remote message deletion
  • Chat backup stored in organisation servers
  • Chat restore – android to iOS, iOS to android, android to android, iOS to iOS
  • Remote Data Wipe

Generic Features

  • Embedded feedback form
  • Web Client (in progress)
  • Set status
  • Save Contacts
  • Import Contacts
  • VoIP Audio and Video Calling
  • Open Password protected Document
  • Image editor
  • Features can be added as per user requirement

Our Features